Sunday for the Savior

Our monthly outreach and evangelistic ministry, Sunday for the Savior, began as a part of an evangelistic training weekend conducted by Gary Bodine from Borger, Texas. The ministry team meets twice a month on the 3rd and 4th Sundays immediately following morning worship. The teams send cards to the recent visitors and some members, conduct door-knocking campaigns, make evangelistic visits and set up Bible studies when possible. The ministry is composed of a Prayer Team, a Visitation Team, and Card Writing Team and a food and clean up committee.

Women's Ministry

Our women meet occasionally for the Women for Christ ministry. This group meets to keep the sisters involved in ministry activities and to inform them of other opportunities to serve. There is also a Young Women’s Class that meets every Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. This class is led by Carolyn Wilson. The women have also hosted several Ladies Day programs and a Young Ladies Day Fellowship. These ministries have greatly enriched the spiritual lives of the women who have participated in them.

Men's Prayer Breakfast

The men of our congregation meet monthly for the Men’s Prayer Breakfast. This fellowship serves a number of purposes. We use the time to teach and train our men for leadership in the church and in life. We also gather to encourage one another spiritually as we face different challenges in life. Most importantly, the men use this time to pray with and for one another. This prayer breakfast replaced a previous ministry entitled the Men’s Training Fellowship.

Youth and Children's Ministry

We have an active Youth and Children’s ministry that includes a yearly Vacation Bible School, summer camp activities for children and teenagers, Youth Devotionals and Fellowships and a Bible Hour Program for children who are between the ages of 3 to 8 years old. There are a number of summer activities for children and teenagers. We also have a monthly youth luncheon on the first Sunday of each month. Our congregation has hosted the Teen Worship Away program for area teenagers. Our children and young people are growing in the grace of the Lord.

Boys to Men Training Class

Our church is actively involved in training young boys to become future leaders in the Lord’s kingdom. We challenge the young boys (ages 11 to 16) to deepen their faith and commitment to God. Topics include “How to Live with Courage, How to Grow in Faith, What Does it Mean to Have Freedom? and Diligently Making Our Calling and Election Sure”. The class meets every two weeks on Friday evenings for exciting training sessions.

Foreign Missions

  • Bangladesh Mission
    The congregation currently helps to support 3 congregations in Bangladesh. The largest congregation located in the village of Buruabari now has over 200 members and supports one minister. There are two elders that serve that church and they continue to grow stronger each year. A second congregation located in a small village named Arosh Nogul has just over 100 members. Their minister travels between their village and another one (Jessore) to preach and teach the gospel. He is currently the minister for the Khulna church of Christ. Khulna is the third largest city in Bangladesh. The Lord continues to bless that work in many ways.

  • India Mission
    The members at our church also help to support a medical mission in India. When funds are available we send them to Dr. Alexander to help support his work in that country. The church has been active in helping this work for more than 10 years.

  • Ghana Mission
    In addition to these foreign missions, the church also helps to support the work of Abraham Monney in Ghana. This brother has been preaching in Ghana for a number of years and continues to do a wonderful job. Many souls are being brought to Christ as a result of his dedication and love.