The Church of Christ
at 16th & Decatur in Washington D.C.
Church of Christ
at 16th & Decatur
4801 16th Street NW
Washington, DC 20011

Phone:  (202) 882-4711
Fax (202) 829-3913
Pulpit Minister

Eugene Edward Wilson, Jr.

Ed Wilson serves as the full-time evangelist for the Sixteenth & Decatur church of Christ. He began his ministry with the congregation in January 1991 as the Associate Minister, working primarily with the young people in the church. He became the full-time evangelist in January 1999 and has served in that capacity until now.

Ed received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of North Carolina in 1979 and later received a Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree from the Institute for Christian Studies in Austin, Texas in 1989. He worked as Campus Minister for the Southside church of Christ in Durham, North Carolina shortly after finishing his education in Texas.

He has served as a guest preacher at several congregations in the Washington, DC area during his time at the Sixteenth & Decatur church of Christ. He met his wife, Carolyn, while he was the guest preacher at a Singles Seminar. Ed and Carolyn were married in Washington during June of 1995. Carolyn is now teaching a Young Women’s Class in the congregation on Sunday mornings. Ed is currently teaching an adult class on Sunday mornings.
Associate Minister

Martin Charles

Martin Charles serves as the Associate Minister for the Sixteenth & Decatur church of Christ. He started his work with the congregation in January 2008. Martin shares some of the preaching responsibilities with Ed Wilson and also serves as a song leader for the congregation.

Martin received a Bachelor of Science degree in General Bible and Associated Tools for Ministry from the Trinidad School of Preaching in 1978. He graduated top of the class that year. He worked as a minister for the Wayne Avenue church of Christ in Silver Spring, Maryland and baptized a number of people into Christ. He has preached at a number of churches of Christ in the Washington, DC area as a guest speaker and has conducted Gospel Meetings for congregations in the local area.

Martin is married to Anita Charles. They have been married since 1984. He and Anita have one son, Martin Charles, II, who was born in December of 1987. Brother Charles has a tremendous zeal for the ministry and works in partnership with Ed Wilson to promote the gospel of Christ in the Washington area.




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